Sponsorship Opportunities


Motorsports Advertising

America's passion for cars has created a strong and loyal base of fans for all types of motorsports.


The SPEED World Challenge Series will provide prime sponsorship opportunities for the aftermarket industry and low-cost, high entertainment value for race promotions.


The SPEED World Challenge Series will provide large fields of professional drivers in closely matched cars in a sprint race format designed specifically to meet the entertainment need of spectators and television viewers.



Advertising Opportunities

Market a variety of products ranging from beverages and cigarettes to computers, department stores, toys, paints, and consumer services.


Build a positive corporate image.


Entertain clients and employees.


Drive sales and increase retail traffic.


Create brand loyalty.



Advertising Rewards

Cars and transport vehicles serve as a moving billboard for the sponsor's logo.


Drivers and team uniforms, along with event and race circuits, carry sponsor identification.


The sponsor gains additional visibility through newspaper photos and in television coverage.


The sponsor gains access to the track, the garage and the pits, which allows fans to builds a loyalty to drivers and sponsors.


Drivers support sponsors by wearing brand or corporate apparel at public appearances.


As an official product or service of SCCA Pro Racing, your company will be associated with world class racing.



Demographic Information

The main television channel for motorsports is the SPEED Channel.  It is the first and only 24 hour racing network.  The SCCA Pro Racing spectator is a loyal customer who purchases good and services.  The chart below shows some of the purchases the fan is likely to make as compared to the average US adult male.



Product Catergory General Population     SCCA Pro Racing Viewers
Automotive Products Purchased in the Past Year
Auto Tools    7.0%    14.0%
Car Batteries    9.0%    15.1%
Tires    6.5%    8.7%
Shock Absorbers    4.5%    7.6%
Spark Plugs    19.2%    29.0%
Installed By Self
Motor Oil    56.5%    71.4%
Oil Filters    44.0%    58.1%
Anti-Freeze    35.1%    48.7%
Beverage Consumption
8+ Soft Drinks per Week    18.6%    36.2%
5+ Beers per Week    13.5%    18.8%
Drinks Wine or Wine Coolers    20.9%    27.4%
Drinks Sport Drinks    25.7%    44.6%
Business Decision Make For
Telephone Equiptment    5.8%    7.7%
Computer/Software    2.2%    6.5%
Cellular Phones/Fax Equiptment    5.6%    13.5%
Owns 3+ Cars    22.5%    37.6%
Buys 7+ rolls of Film Per Year    20.7%    26.1%
Owns a VCR    43.0%    72.0%
Acquired Bank Card in Pat Year    8.5%    11.1%
Eats Fast Food 10+ Times Per Month    33.7%    43.0%
Eats Delivered Food 10+ Times Per Month    35.6%    51.0%


World Challenge Event Demographics
Male    70%
Female    30%
Under 17    3%
18-25    18%
26-35    38%
36-49    29%
50+    12%
Marital Status
Divorced/Widowed    7.5%
Single    39.9%
Married    52.6%
Some High School    3%
High School Graduate    14%
Some College    38%
College Graduate    29%
Post-Graduate    16%
$15,000 or less    7%
$15,001-$25,000    17%
$25,001-$35,000    22%
$35,001-$50,000    25%
$50,001+    29%

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